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Planisy on stage at the South Summit 2023

Because intelligent resource planning matters

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Plan activities, people, equipment, services, materials and workplaces within one single tool

The first planner designed to support multiple types of resources and manage their inter-dependencies

With Planisy, resource scheduling is made easy and totally interactive.

All your resources are in one place, and their inter-relationships managed in real-time.

You can finally focus on your core business tasks and objectives.

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With Planisy, we can now efficiently assign and schedule employees, rooms, critical tasks, costly machines and instruments, and instantaneously share the information with everyone concerned. We simply work better and can focus on our core medical tasks.

Professor Daniel Zwahlen

Head of Department Radiation Oncology, Deputy Head of the Winterthur Tumor Center

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BYES invested in dizmo because they bring innovative solutions to the construction industry, such as Planisy, that have the potential to dramatically increase work efficiency, achieve significant cost savings and enable digital transparency. I trust that the ability of Planisy to schedule on a simple UI all types of equipment and personnel with all dependencies, limitations and rules in a dynamic way, gives them an USP when compared to the market.

Thomas Stadler

former CIO, Bouygues Energies & Services CH

Video production

Planisy is a forward-thinking platform designed to help organizations make their complex decisions simple. We were able to see which resources we had available at any given time across all of our productions, which was illuminating!

Pam Huling

COO, Blue Chalk Media


Thanks to Planisy, we can now organize our weekly construction site planning efficiently, collaboratively and interactively. All site managers and project managers plan their necessary resources easily and independently in Planisy. Potential overlaps are now discussed in a short meeting.

Kai Vogler

Managing Director, Markus Enz AG


Planisy gives us the necessary flexibility in planning and implementing our construction sites. It prevents resource conflicts and thus increases our productivity.

Gabrielle Mancini


Corporate innovation events

The mission of the BTIC is to continuously offer the latest innovations that bring value to our customers. By bundling Atos technologies with Planisy, from our partner dizmo, Atos can offer to all its customers a new way to more efficiently schedule its resources.

Betrand Le Garrec

Corporate BTIC CTO at Atos

Event management

Planisy has allowed us to better showcase our innovation center and AI Lab activity, using a new way to plan our events and resources for a better customer experience.

Samia Jnini

Head of Corporate BTIC and AI Lab France at Atos

Schedule anything

  • Schedule any of the company resources (People, Objects, Locations, Tasks, etc…)
  • Optimize your Short and Long Term Planning

Schedule everywhere

  • Access Planisy from any device, any web browser
  • Share and collaborate with anyone, everywhere, real time

Optimize everything

  • Anticipate, adjust, and resolve resource conflicts
  • Report, analyse, maximize resource usage and business outcome

Optimize anytime

  • Set up your planning use-case in less than 1-hour
  • Customize resource Types, business Rules and scheduling views anytime