Why Planisy?

Because intelligent resource planning matters

Within Planisy, inter-dependencies across resources are intelligently analyzed and interactively managed. Finding and assigning the best combination of resources to execute a task becomes easy. Adjusting assignments to quickly react to unexpected events becomes stress-free.

Create a virtual matrix of pairs of resource types: human, physical or digital. Freely enable allocations between each pair and independently set their allocation rules, modify them individually and on-the-fly.

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The first planner designed to support multiple resource types

Planisy is the first industry multi-resource, multi-purpose, multi-view, fully interactive resource allocation planner, delivering an unprecedented level of usability.

The software enhances and simplifies the task of dynamically assigning resources and makes easy to review and resolve resource assignment conflicts. This generates an obvious gain in operational efficiency, asset optimization and end-user satisfaction.

Moreover, through its innovative architecture, Planisy easily adapts to any use-case, set of customer resources and business rules. This way Planisy dramatically decreases the set-up time and cost of ownership.



  • Allocation history
  • User multi-role
  • Data import
  • Data export


  • Multi-resource planning
  • Self-serve setup
  • Use-case templates
  • Alerts & messaging
  • Multi-purpose planning
  • Interactive scheduling
  • Allocation-conflicts resolution
  • Save & restore
  • Programmable allocation rules
  • Reporting & analytics


  • Zoomable workspace
  • Multi-instance capability
  • Interactive navigation
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Visual feedback
  • Resource colouring
  • Downtime support
  • Built-in collaborative capabilities

Extended support

  • Multi-views option
  • IT-system integration
  • Self-serve training
  • Custom SLA
  • Dedicated customer support
  • On premise distribution

Problem we solve

In an economy where operational efficiency is king, and adaptability and versatility are essential requirements, none of the existing resourcing tools are actually that transformative. 

Your resource management tooling needs to be able to handle multi-type resourcing, perform dynamic resource allocation – planning never stops – and all with a much greater level of usability than the “old school” UIs. It needs to be collaborative – anyone can view any change from anywhere. Set up, training time and learning friction need to be close to zero.

The way that resources are planned, assigned, scheduled, and their usage tracked and optimized needs to be drastically reinvented. 

The good news is that such a solution exists. Using digital age tooling in resourcing comes with opportunities – opportunities that didn’t even exist a few years ago. 

Planisy concept

  • Planisy considers the full set of components which participate in the allocation and scheduling process
  • They are firstly grouped in as many Types as the use case requires, and their Attributes specified 
  • Allocations between pairs of types are then selectively enabled, and allocation Rules interactively defined
  • During operations, Resources, Types and Rules can be
    added, removed or changed