Truly Collaborative Planning for Professional Services

Let Planisy solve complex problems effectively.

Here are a few examples of problems that are complicated to resolve without Planisy by your side.


You need to quickly answer RFPs from your clients? Does this require a reliable analysis of tasks from multiple sources, compilation of work-packages and swift analysis of resources’ cost and assignments?

Solution with Planisy

Use Planisy to produce reliable results in only a few hours.


Is your team scattered on multiple client projects? Your clients require precise documentation and reports regarding resources and costs, and so does your management?

Solution with Planisy

Use Planisy to get peace of mind, track reliably the assignment of resources and quickly perform deviation analysis.


Your service-product requires you to be always-on and connected, to check on your resources availability and dynamically dispatch them? You need to quickly react to ever changing customers requirements and to the unexpected?

Solution with Planisy

Get a holistic view of resources and manage their assignment while on-the-go, with Planisy mobile.

“We have used Planisy for both the planning and execution phases of our customer’s projects. We have compared this with our traditional process, and the gains in operational efficiency have been striking. We have seen marked improvement in the time it takes to perform client planning with a dramatic decrease in the number of errors or time spent re-planning. We have achieved all objectives that we had set for Planisy when our process transformation initiative started”

Senior industry Managing Director of a Tier-1 global solution provider

What to expect with Planisy

Based on data and feedback from Planisy Professional Services pilot.

  • 50%

faster scheduling.

Measures the time taken to schedule a new service. Faster scheduling allows resource-saving and more rapid access to critical information.

  • 80%

less mistakes when planning.

Measures the accuracy of the planning. Less mistakes mean higher profits, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

  • 60%

decrease in replanning time.

Measures the time saved to replan when changes occur. Faster replanning increases agility and flexibility.

Key benefits

  • Planisy provides unparalleled operational efficiency for professional services.
  • Ensure all resources are allocated appropriately and quickly and make changes when necessary.
  • This generates obvious operational efficiency, asset optimization and client satisfaction.

What our customers say

Planisy solves professional services resource scheduling with the first interactive planner specifically designed to support EVERY type of resource in real-time.

Professional services companies require planning tools agile enough to keep pace with their clients.

Professional services companies require agile planning tools to keep pace with their clients.
Planisy enhances and simplifies the task of dynamically assigning multiple resources and makes reviewing and resolving resource conflicts easy. This generates an obvious gain in operational efficiency, asset optimisation and end-user satisfaction.


Drag & drop all resources


Manage allocations


Find resources


Solve conflicts


Manage interdependencies


Navigate smoothly


Mobile app


Resource editor

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