Solve Construction Resource Planning

Tired of long meetings replanning resources to account for the unexpected?
Save up to 70% of the planning and scheduling burden with dynamic resource planning and scheduling

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"With Planisy, scheduling becomes a truly dynamic activity based on a holistic view of all resource."

Thomas Stadler

former CIO, Bouygues Energies & Services CH

What you can expect with Planisy

Based on data and feed back from Planisy construction pilot

30 %
increase in
operational efficiency

Measures the optimization of the company resources, such as employees and machines, where faster product delivery, and lower resource usage equate with greater efficiency

20 %
increase in
capacity optimization

Alignment of resources with demands and business priorities, resulting in reduced investments, increased profitability and on-time service delivery

70 %
decrease in
scheduling time

The amount of time required to plan all resources and activities. Where decreased scheduling time equates to higher scheduling efficiency

Key benefits

Planisy provides construction professionals an unprecedented level of usability.

The software enhances and simplifies the task of dynamically assigning multiple resources and makes it easy to review and resolve resource conflicts.

This generates an obvious gain in operational efficiency, asset optimization and end-user satisfaction.

See what our construction customers have to say

I have played with many planning tools and ERP systems in general over the past 20+ years. I have witnessed meetings with people fighting for resources over whiteboards. Now there is a truly collaborative tool, Planisy, where teams can make their complex decisions simple. A tool where all types of resources can be interactively managed. A tool where ever-changing requirements, constraints and dependencies can be accounted for on-the-fly and a new plan instantly visualised.

Thomas Stadler

former CIO, Bouygues Energies & Services CH

Thanks to Planisy, we can now organize our weekly construction site planning efficiently, collaboratively and interactively. All site managers and project managers plan their necessary resources easily and independently in Planisy. Potential overlaps are now discussed in a short meeting.

Kai Vogler

Managing Director, Markus Enz AG

Planisy gives us the necessary flexibility in planning and implementing our construction sites. It prevents resource conflicts and thus increases our productivity.

Gabrielle Mancini


Planisy solves construction resource scheduling with the first interactive planner designed to support EVERY type of resource in real time.

In the construction industry, multiple resources must be managed to ensure a smoothly running system with key information readily accessible to various stakeholders.

Construction firms are operating in a climate of rapid change, which requires a multifaceted, holistic approach to operations management. Optimising resources through Planisy’s multi-type resource planning and scheduling platform will allow construction firms to achieve their desired business outcome, with the best distribution of tasks and combination of skilled technicians, machinery and equipment, while providing a wide-lens project view for all personnel.

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