Plan everything in a single scheduling tool: activities, people, equipment, tasks, services, materials, and locations.

The first planner designed to support multiple types of resources and manage their interdependencies.

Planisy solves resource scheduling for a variety of industries.

The first interactive planner designed to support EVERY type of resource in real time.



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Planisy makes resource scheduling easy and totally interactive.

All your resources are in one place and their interdependencies managed in real-time. You can finally focus on your core business tasks and objectives.


Drag & drop all resources


Manage allocations


Find resources


Solve conflicts


Manage interdependencies


Navigate smoothly


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Resource editor

Schedule anything.

  • Schedule any of the company resources (people, objects, locations, tasks).
  • Optimise your short- and long-term planning.
  • Access Planisy from any device on any web browser.
  • Share and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, in real time.

Optimise everything.

  • Anticipate, adjust, and resolve conflicts.
  • Report, analyse, maximise resource usage and business outcomes.
  • Set up your planning use-case in less than 1 hour.
  • Customize resource types, business rules and scheduling views anytime.

Planisy users are seeing these results across sectors.

  • 30%

increase in operational efficiency.

Measures how well the company is using its resources, such as employees and machines. Faster product delivery and lower resource usage equate to greater efficiency.

  • 70%

decrease in scheduling time.

The amount of time required to plan all resources and activities. Where decreased scheduling time equates to higher scheduling efficiency.

  • 20%

capacity optimisation.

Alignment of resources with demands and business priorities, resulting in reduced investments, increased profitability, and on-time service delivery.

What our customers say

The best way to plan all your resources.

Manual planning methods require the use of multiple tools and prevent your organisation from creating operational efficiencies.

  • Static, siloed planning documents.
  • Difficult to adapt when something changes.
  • Lack innate communication across teams.
  • Fail to recognize both over- and underutilised resources.
  • Dynamic assignment of all resources in one place.
  • Easily adapt or solve conflict in pre-planning.
  • Easily disseminate information across teams.
  • Clearly visualise resource allocation for balanced utilisation of resources.

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