Additional explanation of Absent type

Consistent with how assignments of resources are managed, Planisy provides an extra Type of resource, called “Absent”, to manage any category of downtime and unavailability of resources.

The type “Absent” is a special Type; it is pre-defined, and by default it is present within any new Planisy workspace. The Absent type cannot be removed or modified, and it follows special allocation rules.

When a resource becomes unavailable, for example an instrument breaks and needs repairing, an employee goes on holiday, a construction site is closed, or a machine goes under maintenance, the resources is “assigned” to the corresponding category of the Type Absent (Repair, Holiday, Closed, Maintenance, etc.) for the desired period of time.

The categories of absence (Repair, Holiday, Closed, Maintenance, etc.) are treated in Planisy as resources of the Type Absent. To add a new category of absence (for example: sick leave) users with the required credentials can add a new resource “Sick leave” to the Type Absent. Once done, it will be possible to assign employees to Sick leave.

When a resource (i.e., a machine) is assigned to a category (resource) of the Type Absent (i.e., Maintenance) for a given type period, it will be impossible to assign it to ANY other resource of any Type during that time period.

IMPORTANT: if a resource (i.e., a machine) has been already allocated to other resources/types (i.e., a construction site) or if allocations of other resources/types (i.e., an employee) have been made to it (the machine), and the user wishes to make the resource unavailable (the machine of the example broke and needs to go under repairing), before to assign the resource (machine) to the category/resource Repair of the Type Absent, the user needs to delete, or adjust in time all the pre-existing allocations.