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Planisy Reinvents Multi-Type Resource Planning for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises/Business (SME/SMB)

“Managers will use it to instantaneously react to the unexpected, collaboratively plan ahead and optimise resource usage – all within one fully interactive software application”

International Construction

Planisy software to support the digitalisation of SMEs

“The multi-type resource allocation and scheduling application is said to be able to understand the dependencies between the multiple types of resources, reducing scheduling burden, resource misallocation and enhancing capacity planning”

Business Process Incubator

Planisy Launches its Multi-Type Resource Allocation Planner Solution

“The platform combines human, machine, location, equipment, physical, and digital elements to provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the tools they need to accelerate digital transformation and boost operational efficiencies across industry sectors”

HUB Publishing: Hospital Hub

Why healthcare investment in operational technology is vital despite the recession

“Investment in technology to improve healthcare operational efficiency is vital, not despite the recession but because of it”

Authority Magazine

Christoph Ott of dizmo and Planisy On How To Communicate With Your Team Effectively Even If You Are Rarely In The Same Physical Space

“Planisy, …, will be game-changing for distributed teams, alleviating silos and giving all personnel visibility and accessibility -whatever their skill level and speciality”

Healthcare IT Today

Why Hospital Discharges Take So Long—And What We Can Do To Shorten Them

“the COVID-19 crisis, which strained hospitals and their staff in so many traumatic ways, also pushed them to reevaluate and streamline workplace systems to make them more flexible to handle unforeseen problems”